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Smile! Cthulhu wants to eat you! For you are tasty and go good with soy sauce and seaweed.

Tales and Visions seeking R'lyeh ~ Rocking R.I, East Nashville and R'lyeh, your live with Timefire Rex, Oz Pirate Radio..pumping the Kilowatts of Love reiki across the Universe and into the great dark beyond. *************** Tsathoggua
Basho's frog leapt
but you oh great one are not him
Horror in the darkness
tongue flicker of poison dreams
Tsathoggua of
wart dark despair
the letters of your name
burn in grease foul flames of shadows
on the Parchaments of Phnom
who shall send out their soul
into the cups of the Abyss
slipping past the formless spawn
ever waiting ever hungry in the eves of dark?
breath not the least air
or through thy nostrils will
they gurgling glide
like leeches to make bones morrow
black with rot.
Brave the Hero! ( fallen foolish
like a fever burning on a moonless night)
so the maddest of the mad
shall gaze upon
your temple
in caverns dripping bat filth
with scattered bones of broken vermin.
Here the spell demands an eye
...what more the runes do not tell.

Timefire Rex

Timefire Rex shapeshifts and moves through the eldritch grey of cyberspace's lost chasims seeking deeper and deeper the way to places lower than Shoel of the shuffling ones....
******* H.P.Lovecraft videos*******
***************************** The Watcher.... Into the great gulf of darkness Into the graveyard of Galaxies rushing pasts pasts so ancient the light its self has faded to the glow of fish gleaming in caverns dark far from light of moon.. Hear the heart how it gasps
the seconds of life
falter in their beat
stretch your minds to touch the cold
to feel the horror that we seek
Bathganawarch in thy blasted grave
beyond the places
beyond the path
....... deeper than
.......................periods end...
in the rain through the window staring
what was that?..
the sound of breaking glass,
then a scream of bleak dispair
then a door opening and slamming shut.
by Timefire Rex
The Watcher by Marco Beltrami, ###### A Lovecraft Dream from Cthulinos

Beach Photo by My Uncle Ed Bernier
Message in a Bottle

Les crabes étaient gigantesques
leurs coquilles bleu azur
héritage d'os séuclaires
à demi recouvert par les vagues
J'ai su que sur l'île déserte …
J'avais trouvé un endroit
où même la légion étrangère
n'avait jamais été.
Il se peut que pas même l'arabe Alhazred le fou
qui a écrit le Necronomicon
n'ait voyagé ici
là où la mer lave
sans fin les os
Des sinistres Al O'Og abattus.
La où le Pir Sufi léopard avec qui
J'ai joué aux échecs
dans la pénombre de Madagascar
m'a révélé la vérité
Je me suis senti comme Samuel Coleridge
découvrant la fabuleuse
Xanadu...Xanadu ai-je murmuré

"A Xanadu, Kubla Khan
a, avec majesté, décrété le le dôme du plaisir:
Là où coule Alph, le fleuve sacré,
qui perçe des cavernes aux dimensions inhumaines
et plonge dans une mer sans soleil."

le bruissement murmuré des vagues
qui s'enroulent sur le squelette
de la jetée d'eldritch, avait cette même
étrangeté opalescente du picotement d'épine de l'opium.

Quoi qu'on fasse, rien
ne venait déranger la bizarrerie de l'endroit
Où malgré le soleil dardant,
persistait ce sentiment de crainte
cet abîme qui saisit l'âme.

This note written in a fair hand
was brought in a bottle
to the offices of the British Home Office
I have read it again and again
wondering what happened
to that poor buggered bastard
Sir Olaus Wormius the 7th.

Original story by Timefire Rex, The Pirate King of Oz and Avatar of The Purple Oyster of Doom in realms Mortal and Enchanted.
French text translation provided by Gérard Froger
music soundtrack Message in a bottle by The Police lyrics provided by 2012dec via

The Vedasara Shivastotram says, "It is you from whom this universe of forms emerges, and it is you within whom it stays. It is you in whom it finally disappears"
*****'lyeh *****

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Also mix in Hyperborea video at a point of your choosing and click the mouse on the scroll bar and run it up and down repeatedly from the room with Cthulhu to the Purple Oyster of Dooms staring eye.
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additional two video mixes for fun listening
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